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Lotus United offers unique custom fixtures tailored to your brand, while our Lotus Fixture Line provides a cost-effective alternative for your merchandising needs.

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Lotus Custom Fixtures

Tell your brand’s unique story.

From a full-size rooftop basketball court at Nike’s Jumpman LA to an in-store golf experience at PXG, we bring your brand to life through experiential retail. From small, in-store solutions to global retail rollouts, we create intelligent solutions that stand out, show off, and engage customers.

Lotus Stock Fixture Line

The display system that wears in, instead of out.

Skip the lengthy design, development, and prototyping process and solve your retail merchandising needs with the Stock Fixture Line (SFL) by Lotus United. Our SFL provides a cost-effective solution for brands looking to elevate their product without investing in custom fixtures.

The SFL is a pre-designed system engineered to be easy to use, install, and update. This system consists of wall systems, gondolas, 2 ways, 4 ways, nesting tables, ballet bars, and even mannequins and hangers. The SFL is flexible and modular so you can easily rearrange universal shelves and accessories without the use of tools.

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Display drawing
Display drawing
Stock fixtures

A flexible system, built to order.

The components are made to order in our Lotus United factory, allowing you to customize metal and wood finishes to give the SFL a custom look tailored to your specific brand standards. Our SFL has been used by retailers around the globe, but rarely ever looks the same!

We love the SFL system.
It’s easy to set up and easy to re-arrange shelves and accessories. The wheels on the gondolas allow us to reset the store layout whenever we want without having to take off any of the product. Shelves from the gondolas are easily adjustable up and down without tools and the same shelves and accessories work on the wall systems too.
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