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Our Approach

We’ve spent the past 20+ years helping the world’s best retail brands reach their full potential and have a powerful portfolio to show for it.

We design, engineer, and manufacture everything from compact countertop fixtures to meaningful customer journeys. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching displays or practically invisible fixtures, we know what you need to get noticed and assert your authority in your category.

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Rethink Retail

We view retail as a branded experience. From the moment a customer walks in the door to completing their purchase, they are engaging with your brand. It’s this mentality that guides our process to transform a transaction into a three-dimensional representation of your brand.

Holistic Design-Build Perspective

We take a holistic approach to retail. With our dynamic team of designers, engineers, and in-house manufacturers, we bring a unique design-build perspective to every project. We consistently push the limits of design and technology to craft solutions that stand out and make your products shine.

In-House Manufacturing

With our own manufacturing facility, we manage each phase of the project to deliver competitive pricing and superior quality control. We take care of the complexity by managing all ordering, kitting, shipping, and staging your retail fixtures.

Sustainable Solutions

We’re committed to expanding our presence in retail while providing eco-friendly solutions that don’t harm the environment. This means crafting fixtures with minimal materials and reduced environmental impact. Our goal is to manufacture fixtures that are easy to disassemble and ship in bulk, keeping transportation as green as possible.

Dedicated Project Team

We provide a dedicated team to work closely with you throughout the entire project. Through careful project management, we control the scope and timing of your project with clearly defined deliverables.

Exceptional Customer Service

No more unanswered emails and missed deadlines. At Lotus United, we deeply value the relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. From weekly client meetings to creative problem solving, we stay cool under pressure and follow through every step of the way.

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Contact Us

Get in touch by filling out our contact form. We’ll set up an initial call to explore how we can transform your creative vision into reality.

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Initial Project Call

During the call, we’ll discuss your project needs, address any challenges you’re facing, and craft a tailored action plan aligned with your schedule and budget.

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We Get to Work

Rest assured, we’ll be your partners throughout the entire process—from initial design to development and production.

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Watch the magic happen

Experience the transformation firsthand as your product enhances store merchandising, boosts sales, and streamlines retail operations.

Retail from Start to Finish

From designing customer journeys, handling prototyping and packaging, to installing fixtures on site, we do it all.

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