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Glassybaby has been spreading light since 2001 donating proceeds from their glassware to charities and organizations within the Puget Sound region to promote hope and healing.


They've opened their new store in the heart of Seattles' Amazonia, across from The Globes, and right in the heart of the South Lake Union neighborhood. They've been able to showcase their product  in this brand new environment to great success and with much fanfare.

Lotus United has been with them from the start creating display systems that almost disappear to the viewer: highlighting Glassybabys' vibrant palette, making the product the priority in everyone's eyes.

- SeaTac International Airport

Trendy, beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass candle holders that come in every color you could ever want. The sales floor is intimate and very cozy but modern and elegant.

David Heyduck

Google Review

- San Francisco Ferry Terminal

You can personally check out Glassybaby's beautiful displays at the following locations: 

Bellevue, WA

University Village | Seattle, WA

South Lake Union | Seattle, WA

Madrona Hot Shop & Store | Seattle, WA

Seatac International Airport | Seattle, WA

Berkley Hot Shop | Berkley, CA

Stanford Shopping Center | Palo Alto, CA

Ferry Building | San Francisco, CA

Lake View Village | Oswego, OR


With such elegant products and site specific sales opportunities—Lotus United was able to come up with versatile units that worked both as storage and showcases.

- Berkley California Hot Shop
- University Village, Seattle
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