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Lotus United developed an elaborate shop-in-shop program for Brooks Sports highlighting their product and boosting their annual sales.


"We developed the Brooks shop-in-shop for two key reasons. The majority of our business is done through our retail partners, so the shop-in-shop is a great way for us to introduce our brand personality to runners that shop in these stores. The second reason was to help our retail partners refresh their running apparel business. The Brook shop-in-shop is a valuable tool that empowers our retail partners to reinvigorate their apparel business."

- Mike Billish, VP of U.S. Sales for Brooks Running, via SGB Media


Boulder, CO

Cincinnati, OH

Montery, CA

Syracuse, NY

Huntsville, AL

Northfields, OH

Austin, TX

Littleton, CO

Lyndhurst, OH

Norwell, MA

Charlotte, NC

Beaverton, OR

Allison, PA

Tempe, AZ

Dallas, TX

Ft. Worth, TX

Manchester, NH

Northville, MS

Markham, ON, CAN

Overland, KS

Saskatoon, SA, CAN

Brea, CA

Temecula, CA

Baton Rouge, LA

Brooks Shop-in-Shops were configured into versatile 12x12 and 12x17 options, allowing for easy insertion into running shops across North America.

Well known shops such as Jackrabbit and Fleetfeet have integrated these systems into their retail programs with great success.

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